Adobe Creative Cloud Agreement

7.1 Using PDF files. If you use the software to open a PDF file that has been enabled to display ads, your device may connect to a website operated by Adobe, an advertiser or another third party. Your internet registration address („IP address“) will be sent in this case. The party that hosts the website can use the technology to send (or serve) advertising or other electronic content that appears in or near the open PDF file. The website operator can also use JavaScript, web tags (also known as promotional tags or single pixel gifs) and other technologies to increase and measure advertising effectiveness and customize advertising content. Your communication with Adobe`s websites is subject to Adobe Online`s privacy policy („Adobe`s online privacy policy“). Adobe may not have access to or control the features a third party may use, and information practices on third-party sites are not covered by Adobe Online`s privacy policy. 14.3 Activation. The software may require the customer (a) to receive an Adobe ID, (b) activates or reactivates the software, (c) records the software or (d) validates membership. Such a requirement can lead the customer`s computer to connect regularly to the Internet during installation, start-up and afterwards.

Once connected, the software collects and transmits information to Adobe, as described in („Activation Conditions“). The software or customer may also receive information from Adobe about the customer`s license, subscription or membership. Adobe may use this information to detect or prevent fraudulent or unauthorized uses that are not included in a valid license, subscription or subscription. If you do not activate or register the software, validate the subscription or subscription, or if Adobe`s fraudulent or unauthorized use of the software results in limited functionality, software interoperability, or termination or suspension of subscription or membership. Subscription Edition. For subscription-based software („Subscription Edition“), the customer can only install and use the subscription edition on the authorized number of compatible computers for the duration of the license. Subject to the authorized number of computers for subscription editing, Adobe may allow the customer to install and use the latest previous version of Subscription Edition and the latest version of the subscription edition on the same computer for the duration of the license. The customer agrees that Adobe can change the type of software at any time (for example. B some components, versions, platforms, languages, etc.) subscription edition and is not held responsible for these changes. Current access to a subscription edition requires: (a) a recurring Internet connection to activate, renew and validate the license; b) receipt of recurring subscriptions by Adobe or its authorized reseller, and (c) customer consent to the subscription terms and other additional terms and conditions available at or at the time of purchase.

If Adobe does not receive the recurring subscription payment or cannot regularly validate the license, the software may become inactive without additional notice until Adobe receives payment or validates the license. Note: In some Adobe agreements, these conditions are called end-user licensing agreements (EULAs). 17.1.3 You have an obligation to take all reasonable steps to prevent and reduce damage, particularly to create copies of the software and computer data that are subject to the provisions of this Agreement. 16.1.3 Nothing included in this Agreement (including Section 4.4) limits any non-revocable right to decompile the Software that may be acquired from the Customer under applicable legislation.