Hdb Licence Agreement

This new condition of licence will come into force on 13 April 2020 and will apply to both new and existing licensees. After April 13, 2020, operators who fail to meet this new condition of licence are liable for a penalty of up to $5,000 and/or the suspension/cancellation of their licences. All food distribution companies must be licensed for operation. Each application for a licence is evaluated on its own merits. Here is a self-check-list [PDF, 152 KB] for a simple reference to the licensing conditions. You will be checked by a pre-clearance check of the premises after the completion of the renovations and the installation of appliances If you sublet some of your rooms while still occupying the apartment, you will continue to pay the property tax at the occupancy rates of the property. Please ensure that your tenant/agent characterizes the lease as „partially leased“ instead of „renting out entirely“ so that occupancy rates are not removed. Only companies are allowed to employ foreign workers in accordance with the MOM Directive. Companies that do so must register the food store license on behalf of the company. The license issued by an individual, . B director, is not acceptable for the purposes of applying the work card. The Food Shop License, with entertainment venues serving dishes such as pub, bar, disco and nightclub, costs $195 and is valid for one year. Please click here for online services for the food store license.

If you are taking over an existing grocery store, please note that the previous licensee needs a letter to cancel their license before approving your application. Otherwise, there will be a delay of at least 2 weeks, as SFA will have to write to the existing licensee to confirm that its license can be terminated. Please make sure your tenant e-Stamps the rental contract (including room rental). You can ask your tenant for a copy of the stamp certificate to make sure the rental agreement has been stamped. IRAS is informed of the rent and you should not inform IRAS separately. #Please finds that a lease is not necessary in the first phase of the licence application. The lease is only required in the final phase before the SFA approves and issues the licence. It is recommended not to sign a lease until the relevant land authority has approved the appropriate use of the premises, and you are reasonably certain that you can comply with the terms of the licence by also checking with the owner for necessary renovations, such as the installation of exhaust systems, pipes for sinks, etc. We strongly recommend that operators sign up for GIRO`s AUTOMATIC payment, as this is the most convenient way to pay royalties. Once the GIRO agreement is reached, operators will not have to follow the expiry date of the license or ask how the license can be renewed.

If the operators do not want to renew the license, let us know and we will stop the GIRO agreement. Please write to us via SFA`s online comment form. or download the GIRO application form. The total time required by the applicant from the beginning of a grocery store to obtaining the licence may vary from one week to a few months, depending on the time required to renovate the premises to meet the requirements, our on-site pre-licensing checks to ensure compliance with the rules, the full and accurate presentation of the required documents and the payment of the fee.