Nsnu Acute Care Agreement

Unifor and the other unions believe that a strong strike vote is the only way to reach a fair collective agreement and to roll back the concessions demanded by the employer. The assistance negotiation team will meet in Sydney on August 8-9, 2018 to review Kaplan`s award to the Health Rates Unit, which is expected to be finalized by August 4, 2018. With a single voice, health care professionals can move on to a new fair collective agreement. Although the government presented a salary model for medical staff when Bill 148 was adopted, the negotiating team was very busy dealing with many articles and outstanding issues. Mediator/Referee William Kaplan has awarded an increase in shift and weekend work bonuses to workers in the Health Care Rates Unit. Health care workers received an increase of 50 cents per hour above the current hourly wage. Work bonuses become compensation when people have to work evenings, nights or weekends. The increase is implemented as follows: as the Council and employers have based all the proposals on the current NSGEU Local Collective Agreement 42, the Commission estimates that this is almost 70% of the way to an interim agreement for IWK and NASHA. However, the most difficult and controversial issues, such as benefits, wages, job security, pensions, job vacancy notices, working hours, sick leave and redistribution, have not yet been addressed. ESA will cover all 6,500 health care workers across the province, making it a very complex task. In addition to the complications in the ESA negotiations, the employers` negotiators for essential services were removed from the table during the summer and refused to return.

Unifor is calling for a strong strike mandate among members of the health sector in Nova Scotia to send a message to both employers and the McNeil government. As part of the negotiations, the Council continues to work to negotiate an Essential Services Agreement (ESA) that would include all 6,500 members of the Public Health Tariff Unit. In the absence of agreement on sickness and pension benefits through the negotiation or mediation process, the arbitrator is required to grant the status quo, as a collective agreement has entered into in past agreements, including the health care rate unit, which also includes acute care staff. B, such as housekeeping, food and other services. Yes, each council will be around the table, with an accelerated timetable with deadlines to conclude any agreement by the end of the year.