Quota Arrangement Scheduling Agreement

Quota allocation is only done if the „Quota Split“ box is enabled for your lot size procedure in the configuration. What if I had quotas? will it continue to create classifications or create only repeat purchases? 1. ME01 – The creditor must be identified as relevant to the provision, i.e. the use of the source list in materials planning must be set at 2 in the event of an appointment agreement, so that the quota agreement with the delivery plans works, enter the details into the source list without fixing the fixing indicator. I see in the source list ME01, there is a field for agreements, and if I do not use quota agreements, MRP gets the source of the source list and if an agreement is reached, then classifications are established. Depending on the need, a certain material can be purchased by different suppliers. In this way, the total needs of a material are distributed to different creditors, i.e. the quota is allocated to each source of supply. This is called the quota system. The main points about the quota system are: Check your delivery time for the product.

The start date of the purchase number can be set at the validity date of the appointment agreement and the quota agreement. 2. MM02 – check the field u2018Quota arrangement usageu2019 material master. You will find this field on the MRP 4 tab and the value should be 3 or 4 3. Check the customization settings of the size of the lot, check if the flag u2018splitting quotau2019 is checked, say I have maintained quota agreements, but not the source list. I also have two agreements for equipment for two lenders. Now when I turn the MRP system will generate 2 PR. I want the system to generate divisions based on the delivery plans I have in the system. How can I create a system for this? You must manage the classifications according to the schedule agreements before running MD01. Ranking positions are delivery calculations that are related to the agreement and are not established as a provision. MRP uses positions to determine requirements.

See: help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_04/helpdata/EN/3b/66596eda7b11d1b630000e8a7 38dc/frameset.htm-Source List and Quota Arrangement- Create a source list data set for each planning item and set the Material Planning Relevance Indicator to 2 (Check SA as a fixed resource). Materials planning then constantly updates the overall delivery plan. If you have multiple plans to deliver equipment, use the quota agreement to distribute the needs among the different borrowers. Your suppliers need shorter delivery times. Smaller deliveries are required and can be spread over a long period of time. Delivery planning allows suppliers to plan and allocate their resources more efficiently.