Skype Terms Of Agreement

20.3.1 This Skype product is available to all users of linked accounts. A linked account user is billed by SMS for all SMS sent by Skype to SMS-enabled numbers worldwide – see to get all the features and destinations available. 20.1.1 Skype number and Skype To Go number availability: If you are eligible for a Skype number or Skype To Go number and subscribe to it, you can use it as soon as possible after payment closes. In some countries, the number can be made available to you by Skype Partner instead of Skype, and you may need to enter into a separate agreement with that partner. You recognize and understand that the availability and distribution of the number does not constitute a transfer of property rights or other rights relating to numbers. 4.4 Third-party notes. The software may contain the third-party code that Skype, not the third party, is allowed to you as part of this agreement. Advice, if any, for third-party code is included only for your information. Third-party scripts related to the software, viewed or referenced by it, will be granted to you by third parties who have such a code, not skype. 5.5 No access to emergency services: neither the products nor the software are intended to assist or transmit emergency calls to hospitals, law enforcement, medical services or other services that connect a user to emergency services personnel or public safety reflection points („emergency services“). There are significant differences between traditional telephone services and products. You acknowledge and accept that: (i) Skype is not required to provide access to emergency services in accordance with applicable local and/or national rules, regulations or laws; (ii) it is your responsibility to purchase separately products from traditional wireless (mobile) or fixed telephone services that provide access to emergency services and (iii) software and products do not replace your primary telephone service.

To learn more about the 112 call, the special emergency number for the EU, at (d) software versions. If a participant in a group video call is not in a version of an internet communication software that supports group video calls, the call is just an audio call for that participant. For more information on system requirements for group video calls, see