Treasury Board Collective Agreements Fi

37.08 A worker does not receive any months of leave credits under this contract for which he has already been granted leave under another collective agreement in which the employer is involved or according to other rules or regulations of the employer. 33.01 For the purposes of this collective agreement, travel time is only compensated in the circumstances and to the extent provided for by this section. Last information that exists (note, I`m with PIPSC, so I do not have access to the PA group at PSAC) is that people are preparing for possible strikes: and These agreements, which have more than 6200 employees in the FS and FI groups, are the first to be signed and ratified in this round of negotiations. 28.04 This section does not apply when a worker is accommodated on board a ship and: subject to clause 61.04, a part-time worker fulfils the reporting obligations of a day of rest 30.01 (a) of this collective agreement and is entitled to a minimum wage instead of a salary for the time actually worked, the part-time worker receives a minimum salary of four (4) hours at salary. 11.01 Appropriate areas on newsletters in appropriate locations are made available to the Union for the publication of official EU communications. The Union endeavours to avoid any request for publication of opinions which the employer could reasonably consider to be detrimental to its interests or those of its representatives. The publication of notices or other documents is subject to the employer`s prior approval, with the exception of communications relating to EU affairs, including the names of union representatives, as well as social and recreational events. Such an authorization should not be unduly upheld. 57.04 If a worker suffers a loss of clothing or personal effects (reasonably assumed to accompany the employee on board the vessel) as a result of a marine disaster or boating accident, the value of these items is reimbursed to the worker on the basis of replacement costs, up to a maximum of three thousand dollars ($3,000). The worker receives the following daily amount for each calendar day for which the employee is paid in accordance with Schedule A of the collective agreement. This daily amount is equal to the annual amount below, divided by two hundred and sixty decimals eight eight (260.88), 1.1.32 Severance pay and other benefits arising from other clauses of the collective agreements are separated from those mentioned in this appendix and beyond. 1.1. The purpose of this directive is to provide information on the new CFO transition allowance rates contained in the Financial Management Group (FI) collective agreement.

This agreement between the Treasury Board of Directors and the Association of Canadian Financial Officers was signed on March 3, 2011 and expires on November 6, 2011. 28.03 Payments made under the provisions of the collective agreement and clause 28.01 mentioned above cannot be implemented, i.e. a worker does not receive more than one benefit for the same benefit.