Work Force Adjustment Agreement

If you retire but are covered by a labour adjustment agreement or policy, you may be eligible for a normal pension reduction. For more information on funding conditions, see staff adjustment information on the Pensions Council`s pension page. The manager, in agreement with the human resources advisor, reviews the organization`s business and personnel plans. The Chief Operating Officer must not only define the performance criteria to determine their relevance to the work in progress, but also define other compensation criteria or new compensation criteria, taking into account changes in the tasks to be performed as well as the current and future operational requirements and needs of the organization. The Executive Transition Directive on Career Transition provides information to managers concerned about the adjustment situation to staff. This guide must be being developed. It is updated regularly to stay as accurate as possible. The manager should ensure that employees working in the affected area understand why some employees have not been identified as affected. The selection of retained and licensed staff must be linked to the organization`s business and personnel plans. Performance criteria must be carefully selected to meet the requirements of these plans. Under paragraph 21 of the PSER, employees in similar positions in the part of the organisation concerned must be assessed on the basis of their merits and selected for retention or dismissal. This is how the business plan can be realized.

It is strongly recommended that negotiating partners be consulted (in accordance with DCEs and reflection contracts) and that workers be informed of the organization`s plans and the means and reasons for the evaluation, as early and as often as appropriate. Personalization of staff for federal employees [PDF – 1.43 MB] We believe that the government has deliberately directed departments, agencies and organizations to modulate the announcements of affected and surplus employees every two weeks. Divisions and agencies subject to staff adjustment schedules are required to make available to the bargaining partner the names and workplaces of the staff concerned, including the identity and location of the work unit concerned, the expected date of notification, the expected date of staff adjustment, as well as the number, group and level of staff likely to be affected by the decision. Paragraph 64 (1) of the PSEA states that when a worker`s benefits are no longer required due to a lack of work, the Assistant Director dismisses the termination of a function or transfer of a function or function outside the federal public administration parties mentioned in Plans I, IV or V to the FAA to the FAA , in accordance with the rules of the Commission, to the employee. It should be recognized, however, that in paragraph 64, paragraph 3, it does not apply to paragraph 64, paragraph 1, when employment is terminated in the circumstances covered by paragraph 12, paragraph 1, point f) of the FAA.