Development Agreement Policy

H. The development standards adopted later, which differ from those of an approved development agreement, apply only to land under a dementia contract if necessary to combat a serious threat to public health and safety. The development standards adopted later, which differ from those of an approved development agreement, apply even after the expiry of a phase or period set by the development agreement during which established standards cannot be changed. [15-0395, No. 1 (A); 14-0392, No. 1; 14-0391 No. 2 (Exh. 1); 12-0347, No. 1 (A).] C. Any deviation from the development standards of this code requested by the owner through a development contract is compensated by the granting of benefits equivalent to or greater than the city for the city, equal to or greater than the original requested. The City may consider and enter into a development contract with property owners located within the city or with persons who have control of real estate within the city, if the owners of such buildings execute an authorization for the property to be subject to the operating contract and to be bound to it. In this chapter, the term „owner“ encompasses both the owner of that property and the person who controls the property.

According to RCW 36.70B.170, the implementation of a development contract is a proper exercise of municipal police power and contractual authority. A development agreement must define development standards and other provisions that apply to the development, use and mitigation of property development for the duration of the agreement and govern it. The City Council`s decision to approve or reject an application for a land use contract is a proper exercise of police and contractual authority and constitutes a lawless act. [15-0395, No. 1 (A); 12-0347, No. 1 (A).] C. Before the vote on a proposed development contract, the City Council will hold a public hearing on the development contract. In agreement with KMC 18.110.030 (B), two public hearings on the urbanization contract take place when derogations from use opportunities, residential densities, acreage or maximum heights are requested, whether required by district rules, property development standards or specific district overstocking requirements. The city council approves, rejects or amends a decision by majority, plus one of the members of the city council.

The by-law authorizes the city manager to execute the development contract on behalf of the city if he approves or amends the development contract. 1. At least ten days prior to the date of the public hearing, a notice of public hearing is sent to landowners within 300 feet of the property that has been the subject of the development agreement and to others who have commented and/or sought notice. All developments must have adequate services, such as water, sanitation, drainage and roads. The developer is responsible for verifying which services are currently available for the site, whether they are appropriate and, if necessary, to expand or provide additional services. A development contract is a legally binding contract between a municipality and a landowner. It sets the conditions for the construction of municipal improvements, such as roads and utilities, that may be necessary for the operation of the authorized subdivision. The next chapter of this strategy document contains information on: 2. The assessment of equivalence for suffix P and specific territorial overlay regulations takes into account the magnitude and scale of the proposed evolution.